BackAtWork Osteopathic Care – enabling recovery to work

David J Rodway D O offers an affordable, versatile and straightforward method for businesses to offer expert musculoskeletal diagnosis, treatment and care for their employees, in Swansea and Brecon.

What are the benefits to business?

• A visible demonstration of your organisation’s practical commitment to employee care and welfare
• Reduced time off work for musculoskeletal injuries
• Fewer spurious claims of musculoskeletal injury

What are the benefits to employees?

• Early intervention leads to faster resolution of symptoms
• Attendance at the clinic demonstrates a commitment to help themselves recover
• While attending they will also get a full health screening that may highlight other health issues of importance

Why osteopathy?

• Osteopathy is a profession regulated by the GOsC under the Osteopaths Act 1993
• Osteopathy is acknowledged as an effective system of health care for a range of spine and limb complaints
• Osteopaths are highly trained clinicians able to provide the best in diagnosis and manipulative treatments

Why choose David J Rodway D O?

• We are one of the longest established practices in Wales
• We have experience in delivering effective musculoskeletal treatment to employees from a variety of occupations and in liaising with their employers
• We are committed to providing a scheme that is flexible and responsive to the needs of the employer

Who is suitable to be sent to the clinic?

Employees suffering from spinal or limb pain, aches or stiffness.

Does the employer have discretion as to who to send?

Absolutely. Some employers may choose to offer BackAtWork osteopathic care only to employees with certain symptoms, such as low back pain, or those in certain jobs. Some may choose only to send those patients whose symptoms are interfering with their work. Some may choose to send patients regardless of how the problem arose, others to send only those whose problem is work-related.

What feedback does the employer get?

We send or e-mail a form after initial consultation and on discharge, detailing the information that you require. We will discuss with you beforehand exactly which details you want. During the patient’s treatment you are able to liaise with us as you wish about any aspect of their progress. An example of an initial assessment form is shown below. This form can be modified according to your needs to include the information you require.

How are appointments booked?

There are three ways that appointments are usually booked:
• The organisation’s contact phones the clinic to arrange the employee’s appointment for them and relays the details to them
• The contact can supply the clinic with the employee’s name and telephone number and we can arrange the appointment directly with them
• The employee can telephone the clinic himself or herself (remembering to mention the name of your organisation)

What are the costs?

The only cost is the fee per visit (£35 plus 10% bill administration) and at Llandeilo £40. The patient will be with us for up to one hour on the first visit (treatment is started on the first visit if appropriate) and up to half an hour on subsequent visits. There is no additional charge for correspondence with you related to BackAtWork. The only other costs that might arise are if we were asked to do on-site ergonomic assessments of a job or employee. We would usually bill for each patient on completion of their course of treatment. We would anticipate receiving payment within 28 days.

Is there any long term commitment?

None at all. Once we have agreed with you your preferred set-up regarding feedback, billing, and any other matters you wish to discuss, all we would need from you is a contact name so that we can prioritise your employees’ appointment times. You can specify a maximum number of visits per patient (we would suggest five). There is no obligation to send a minimum number of patients or to carry on sending patients. You can also at any time change any arrangements, such as methods of feedback. Our aim is to be adaptable so that you can use BackAtWork in the way that best suits you.